What you as a small building contractor need to know about the use and application of frequency drives

If you are an entrepreneurial and enterprising self-starter just starting out in business, and life as a self-reliant income provider with a keen interest in the building contracting business in general then this short informational note on the use and application of what is termed as frequency drives may be of use to you. It is just one of many informational notes and guides that you will need for the future growth of your small contracting business.

Variable frequency drive applications may be of special interest if you are focusing some strategic attention on the building automation supplies (BAS) sector. Congratulations to you if you have specifically targeted this niche because it is a broad one and offers great potential for you to grow as a commercial business. Your business will be regarded as an essential service so, as a means to an end in terms of motivating and encouraging you, it should go without saying that with the minimum of marketing on your part, numerous and various commercial sectors will be calling on you.

Brand yourself towards the domestic market and you may have more success. This ensures that your contract project work remains small-scale for a while and allows you to earn while you learn if you will. Also make sure that you have created for yourself a small team of artisans and engineers that are well qualified and experienced. Make sure that they all have the appropriate certifications in place. This ensures that you don’t end up becoming just another odd jobs neighborhood company that fails and disappoints its domestic customers.

Commercially, you could cater lucratively in the source and supply of materials and services destined for air-conditioning applications, fire prevention structures and access control device stands.